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Manage the installation of software packages from source

GNU Stow is a program for managing the installation of software
packages, keeping them separate (/usr/local/stow/emacs vs.
/usr/local/stow/perl, for example) while making them appear to be
installed in the same place (/usr/local). Software to ease the keeping
track of software built from source, making it easy to install, delete,
move etc.

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stow-2.2.2.tar.bz2 0000501964 490 KB over 3 years
stow-2.2.2.tar.bz2.sig 0000000811 811 Bytes over 3 years
stow-rpmlintrc 0000000128 128 Bytes almost 5 years
stow.changes 0000002845 2.78 KB over 3 years
stow.keyring 0000021323 20.8 KB over 3 years
stow.spec 0000003590 3.51 KB over 3 years
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