Tool to install and manage snap packages

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Snapd is an implementation of a modern packaging system with
fast and transactional operations and strong security. Using snaps
you can install the same software on many different distributions.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
0001-cmd-snap-seccomp-define-GNU_SOURCE-for-fallocate.patch 0000001040 1.02 KB
0002-o-devicestate-fix-unit-test-failure-when-host-snapd-.patch 0000001380 1.35 KB
_service 0000000081 81 Bytes
go-makefile.patch 0000001644 1.61 KB
pie.patch 0000001531 1.5 KB
snapd-rpmlintrc 0000000138 138 Bytes
snapd.changes 0000025373 24.8 KB
snapd.spec 0000020014 19.5 KB
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Thanks for the recent upstream release :)

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