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Paramiko is a module for python 2.2 (or higher) that implements the
SSH2 protocol for secure (encrypted and authenticated) connections to
remote machines.

Unlike SSL (aka TLS), the SSH2 protocol does not require hierarchical
certificates signed by a powerful central authority. you may know SSH2
as the protocol that replaced telnet and rsh for secure access to
remote shells, but the protocol also includes the ability to open
arbitrary channels to remote services across the encrypted tunnel --
this is how sftp works, for example.

It is written entirely in python (no C or platform-dependent code) and
is released under the GNU LGPL (lesser GPL).

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
0001-Fix-CVE-re-PKey.write_private_key-chmod-race.patch 0000004572 4.46 KB
0001-Use-args-not-kwargs-to-retain-py2-compat-for-now.patch 0000002175 2.12 KB
cert_support.tar.gz 0000004970 4.85 KB
disable-gssapi.patch 0000000423 423 Bytes
paramiko-2.4.2.tar.gz 0001207299 1.15 MB
paramiko-test_extend_timeout.patch 0000000542 542 Bytes
python-paramiko.changes 0000032954 32.2 KB
python-paramiko.spec 0000003475 3.39 KB
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