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Filter IP addresses matching IPv4/IPv6 CIDR specification


grepcidr can be used as a stream filter when you need to compare a list of IP
addresses against one or more Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) mask
specifications. Think of grepcidr as a CIDR-aware grep; instead of using
'grep' you can use 'grepcidr -e', for example. Multiple
specifications, of arbitrary mask lengths, can be specified both on the
command line or loaded from a file.

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grepcidr-2.0.tar.gz 0000016557 16.2 KB almost 2 years
grepcidr-obey-cflags.patch 0000000257 257 Bytes almost 2 years
grepcidr.changes 0000000204 204 Bytes almost 2 years
grepcidr.spec 0000001798 1.76 KB almost 2 years
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