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Simple Password List Manager


mdp stands for "Mot de Passe", which means "password" in French. It wraps GnuPG
for encryption and deals with all the small details of generating, managing,
and fetching your passwords. It is similar to many other programs, but
differentiates itself with simplicity (not button-driven simplicity, but with a
Unix less-is-more style). For example, beyond the use of GnuPG for encryption,
it lets you use your own editor to manage your passwords, categorize them, and
delete them. In order to avoid passwords lingering on your screen, the results
from the queries are displayed through a custom pager which is cleared after a
customizable timeout (defaulting to ten seconds).

Source Files
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mdp-0.7.4.tar.gz 0000046830 45.7 KB over 7 years
mdp-add_destdir.patch 0000000652 652 Bytes almost 9 years
mdp-fix_printf_format.patch 0000000492 492 Bytes over 7 years
mdp-optflags.patch 0000000453 453 Bytes almost 9 years
mdp.changes 0000003612 3.53 KB over 7 years
mdp.spec 0000002590 2.53 KB over 7 years
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