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Recommended update for texworks

This recommended update for texworks provides version 0.4.6 with various bugfixes and improvements:

!!! Please note, the manual was droped after it's no longer bundled by upstream, see http://www.tug.org/texworks/#Documentation instead!!!

- Update to version 0.4.6 (boo#930964)
+ Implement character-level synchronization by using text searching to assist SyncTeX.
+ Lift hardwrap line length limitation and implement (hard) unwrap.
+ Always show console output tab while typesetting to show progress.
+ Improve the handling of UTF-8 byte order marks.
+ Improve the log parsing script.
+ Improve the handling of script errors.
+ Work around a race condition that causes lines to become invisible, subsequently leading to a crash.
+ Fix incorrectly accumulating indent.
+ Fix SyncTeX initialization with non-ASCII filenames.
+ Fix selection of whole lines and when selecting right-to-left.
+ Fix hangs and crashes when using "Fit to ..." in the PDF view.
+ Fix a crash when running an invalid system command from scripts.
+ Fix encoding issues when reading environment variables.
+ Fix scrolling when searching for multi-line strings.
+ Fix auto-completion when working with RTL languages.
+ Improve the handling of Retina displays in Mac OS X.
+ Fix a crash when opening PDF files from the Windows Explorer.
+ Provide texworks.appdata.xml for *nix platforms.
+ Fix compilation with Qt 5.
+ Improve the CMake build system.
+ Add support for Lua 5.2.
+ Move development from Google Code to GitHub.
+ Drop conditionals referring to out-of-support openSUSE releases.
+ Use CMake based build system.

Fixed bugs
Upgrade texworks to stable upstream version 0.4.6
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