Update for Botan, Botan.2802, DirectFB, DirectFB... security moderate

Security update for dbus-1

This update for dbus-1 to version 1.8.22 fixes several issues.

This security issue was fixed:
- boo#1003898: Do not treat ActivationFailure message received from
root-owned systemd name as a format string.

These non-security issues were fixed:
- boo#978477: Correctly reset timeouts for pending file descriptors
- boo#980928: increase listen() backlog of AF_UNIX sockets to SOMAXCONN
- Change the default configuration for the session bus to only allow
EXTERNAL authentication (secure kernel-mediated credentials-passing), as
was already done for the system bus.
- Fix a memory leak when GetConnectionCredentials() succeeds (fdo#91008)
- Ensure that dbus-monitor does not reply to messages intended for others
- Add locking to DBusCounter's reference count and notify function
- Ensure that DBusTransport's reference count is protected by the
corresponding DBusConnection's lock (fdo#90312)
- Correctly release DBusServer mutex before early-return if we run out of
memory while copying authentication mechanisms (fdo#90021)
- Correctly initialize all fields of DBusTypeReader (fdo#90021)
- Fix some missing \n in verbose (debug log) messages (fdo#90004)
- Clean up some memory leaks in test code (fdo#90021)

Fixed bugs
VUL-0: dbus-1: format string vulnerability in dbus_activation_systemd_failure
L3: systemd-logind restarting under heavy load
backport upstream freedesktop.org bug 95264
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