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Name Title
home:fstrba fstrba's Home Project
windows:mingw Tools useful when cross-compiling on linux for windows with MinGW compiler
windows:mingw:win32 Cross-toolchain for 32-bit windows and 32-bit windows packages
windows:mingw:win64 Cross-toolchain for 64-bit windows and 64-bit windows packages
home:fstrba:msdos Cross-toolchain and packages for MS DOS
LibreOffice LibreOffice
LibreOffice:Unstable LibreOffice Experimentals if Factory can't afford to be too broken
LibreOffice:Factory The development branch for LibreOffice packages
windows:mingw:win32:compat Older versions of packages found in w:m:w
Java:Factory Devel project of Java packages for openSUSE:Factory
Java Java
network:messaging:amqp Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP)
M17N Multilingualization Project
home:fstrba:LibreOffice packages for linux baseline of LibreOffice
Java:bootstrap Attic project for packages that are needed to bootstrap java without java
Java:packages Factory Java packages
Java:maven Maven deployment project
home:fstrba:branches:devel:CaaSP:Head:ControllerNode Branch project for package kubernetes-dashboard
windows:mingw:win32:snapshots Snapshots of cross compiled packages from windows:mingw:win32
windows:mingw:win64:snapshots Snapshots of cross compiled packages from windows:mingw:win64
home:fstrba:maven playground for maven

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