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Involved Projects and Packages
Java:packages / checkstyle Maintainer

A tool for checking Java source code for adherence to a set of rules.

Java:packages / codemodel Maintainer

CodeModel is a Java library for code generators; it provides a way to
generate Java programs in a way much nicer than PrintStream.println().
This project is a spin-off from the JAXB RI for its schema compiler
to generate Java source files.

Java:packages / decentxml Maintainer
Java:packages / eclipse-gef Maintainer
Java:packages / eclipse-swt Maintainer
Java:packages / felix-scr Maintainer
Java:packages / felix-shell Maintainer

Sonatype Forge is a community dedicated to the creation of
development tools and technologies.

Geronimo is Apache's ASF-licenced J2EE server project. These are the
J2EE-Specifications Note: You should use the subpackages for the
Specifications that you actually need. The ones installed by the main
package are deprecated and will disapear in future releases.

Fast Infoset specifies a standardized binary encoding for the XML Information
Set. An XML infoset (such as a DOM tree, StAX events or SAX events in
programmatic representations) may be serialized to an XML 1.x document or, as
specified by the Fast Infoset standard, may be serialized to a fast infoset
document. Fast infoset documents are generally smaller in size and faster to
parse and serialize than equivalent XML documents.

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