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Recommended update for texworks

This update for texworks fixes the following issues:

- Update to version 0.6.5 (boo#1172296):

* Fix text selection handling when moving the mouse.
* Fix auto-reloading of TeX documents that were changed outside
* Updated translations.

- Changes from version 0.6.4:
* Add shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+J) to invoke SyncTeX at the cursor
* Make shortcuts for autocompletion configurable.
* Make "Auto-Follow Focus" configurable in the preferences.
* Make editor line spacing customizable.
* Make console output accessible by keyboard; among other thigs,
this makes the console work with screen readers.
* Migrate to a more powerful regular expressions engine (e.g.
for finding and replacing).
* Fix opening empty files.
* Fix the highlighting of TeX commands that include non-ASCII
* Fix the auto-closing of PDFs with the associated TeXs.
* Fix the PDF display on high-dpi screens like Retina displays.
* Properly handle "&" for recent files menu.
* Fix syntax highlighting in the "New from template" dialog.
* Sort interface locales alphabetically in the preferences.
* Don't show invalid PDF page sizes in the meta data dock.
* Properly show the PDF file size in the meta data dock even for
locked or invalid files.
* Fix the conversion of Lua tables in Lua scripts.
* Fix the installation of icons on *nix platforms.
* Update libraries for pre-built binaries.
* Modernize and restructure the code to improve quality,
stability, maintainability, and the possibilities for future
* Improve unit tests and add automated testing on Windows; this
ensures better code quality across all supported operating
* Discontinue Qt4 support.
* Updated translations.

- Adapt to changed location of icons:
* Add BuildRequires: hicolor-icon-theme.
* Update file list with new icon directory.

- Update to version 0.6.3:

* New features and improvements:
- Implement "Insert Citations..." dialog
- Implement indenting/unindenting by Tab/Shift+Tab
- Make synchronization granularity configurable (highlight
corresponding character, word, or line)
- Add ability to distinguish identically named files by
displaying the respective folders they are in in the window
title, window menu, and under "Open Recent"
- Implement "Fit to content width" PDF zoom (which ignores
empty space around the text)
- Disable unavailable typesetting engines
- Allow to change the editor font size by Ctrl+Mousewheel
- Improve the detection of spellchecking languages (add
ability to search multiple directories and list all results)
- Hide the menu bar in PDF full screen mode
- Rework/expand code completion strings
- Add/update syntax highlighting for LaTeX, ConTeXt, Lua, DTX,
and BibTeX
- Add cleanup-patterns for beamer files .nav & .snm
- Add new/unified icons for typeset and zooming
- Display paper size and file size in the PDF metadata
* Bug fixes:
- Fix infinite loop in syntax highlighter (which caused
significant slow-down especially for large files)
- Fix underline when spellchecking with syntax highlighting
- Fix "Place on Left/Right", especially on multi-screen setups
- Avoid 'file "" not found' errors when synchronizing
- Fix synchronization while searching in a PDF
- Fix fine-grained synchronization near paragraph boundaries
- Fix the PDF copy menu command
- Fix PDF text selection
- Fix font color reset when searching and using stylesheets
- Fix crashes when working with locked PDFs
- Fix unexpected cursor movement when using a combination of
backspace and up/down arrow keys (thanks to @mgkuhn)
- Fix the font in the log parser output
- Fix persistent magnifying glass
- Remove unimplemented PDF menu items cut, paste, clear

Fixed bugs
Update texworks to version 0.6.5
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