Recommended update for openscad

This update for openscad fixes the following issues:

openscad was updated to 2021.1 release

+ Language Features

* New

Add function literals
Add exponent function (e.g. 2^3)
Add convexity parameter to resize()
Add support for generic tail recursion
Add $vpf for viewport field of view
Add warnings for ranges with begin < end
Add warnings for matrix structure problems

* Changed

Allow random seeds to stick between rands() calls
Make comparison operators on mixed types return undef
Track reason for values turning undef

* Fixed

Fix Range precision
Fix empty geometry handling
Fix search order for imported modules
Improve internal handling of data values
Improve performance of array concatenation
Improve float accuracy of mirror matrix calculation
Improve polygon and polyhedron warnings/errors

+ Program Features


Add jump to source code from 3D preview
Add Error-Log window for tracking errors and warnings
Add window menu to allow keyboard access to all docked windows
Enable default binary stl output, and ascii option
Show message in console when caches are flushed
Disable HTML rendering in console
Enable color scheme for CGAL 2D render
Simplified OpenCSG edge shader, with added smoothing
New and updated translations: Chinese, Armenian, French, Russian, Polish, German

* Editor

Edit multiple files in tabs
Switch tabs via Ctrl+Tab / Ctrl+Shift+Tab
Modify numbers via mouse scroll (when holding ALT)
Add auto-complete & call-tips for built-ins
Add configurable code snippets
Add (line) bookmarks
Add jump to error
Add support for line/block copy and move
Add convenience context menu to tab header
Open include<>/use<> files via inline link
Fix search highlight for utf8 text
Fix display of matches in search field
Add Find/Find Next/Find Previous to editor context menu

* Command line

Support reading scripts from STDIN
Support export to STDOUT
Add multi-export on command line
Add --animate command line option
Add --export-format command line option
Allow view-port variables in command-line mode
Allow export to .ast, .csg, .echo and .term in preview mode
Print statistics in cmdline mode as in GUI

* General

Add PDF export (single page only)
Add support for line-cap and line-join in SVG import
Add support stroke-linejoin in SVG import
Change CGAL Union to join least complex geometries first
Install start shortcut for all users on Windows
Install icons with defined sizes (e.g. required by flathub)
Switch to C++14 and allow usage of header-only CGAL
Add support for lib3MF v2.0 API
Update AppStream release info

Fixed bugs
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