Package icedtea-web was updated to version 1.4

Changes in icedtea-web with update to 1.4 (bnc#818768):
* Added cs, de, pl localization
* Splash screen for javaws and plugin
* Better error reporting for plugin via Error-splash-screen
* All IcedTea-Web dialogues are centered to middle of active screen
* Download indicator made compact for more then one jar
* User can select its own JVM via itw-settings and
* Added extended applets security settings and dialogue
* Security updates
- CVE-2013-1926, RH916774: Class-loader incorrectly shared for applets with same relative-path.
- CVE-2013-1927, RH884705: fixed gifar vulnerabilit
- CVE-2012-3422, RH840592: Potential read from an uninitialized memory location
- CVE-2012-3423, RH841345: Incorrect handling of not 0-terminated strings
* NetX
- PR1027: DownloadService is not supported by IcedTea-Web
- PR725: JNLP applications will prompt for creating desktop shortcuts every time they are run
- PR1292: Javaws does not resolve versioned jar names with periods correctly
* Plugin
- PR1106: Buffer overflow in plugin table-
- PR1166: Embedded JNLP File is not supported in applet tag
- PR1217: Add command line arguments for plugins
- PR1189: Icedtea-plugin requires code attribute when using jnlp_href
- PR1198: JSObject is not passed to javascript correctly
- PR1260: IcedTea-Web should not rely on GTK
- PR1157: Applets can hang browser after fatal exception
- PR580: loads improperly
* Common
- PR1049: Extension jnlp's signed jar with the content of only META-INF/* is considered
- PR955: regression: SweetHome3D fails to run
- PR1145: IcedTea-Web can cause ClassCircularityError
- PR1161: X509VariableTrustManager does not work correctly with OpenJDK7
- PR822: Applets fail to load if jars have different signers
- PR1186: System.getProperty("") is null
- PR909: The Java applet at fails
- PR1299: WebStart doesn't read socket proxy settings from firefox correctly

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