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Recommended update for resource-agents

This update for resource-agents fixes the following issues:

- Apache resource agent is not working when "statusurl" value is being set. (bsc#1138281)
- Allow empty password for "check_passwd" parameter. (bsc#1132853, bsc#1131793)
- Change message log level for the non-action messages. (bsc#1137038, bsc#1137231)
- Fix implicit bytes conversion that breaks Python 3 and reduce the amount of errors messages by default. (bsc#1137038, bsc#1137231)
- Fix version string with vendor trailer comparison in CTDB. (bsc#1133337)
- Fix updating routing tables on virtual machines with multiple network interfaces. (bsc#1133962)
- Fix LVM on initial probe. (bsc#1114855)
- Setting multiple VPC routing tables. (bsc#1125138)
- Created the symlink for the AWS resource agent due to backward compatibility reasons. (fate#326697)

This update was imported from the SUSE:SLE-15:Update update project.

Fixed bugs
L3-Question: rsc_azure-events resource causing errors in /var/log/messages
bootstrapping a galera cluster from pacemaker when 1 node down
Include the latest aws-vpc-route53 bug fixes and improvements from upstream.
Pacemaker SST databases to /dev/null
azure-events Resource Agent does not start with the error: "ERROR: a bytes-like object is required, not 'str'"
ctdb naming breaks resource-agents (HA) parsing
[Build 85.6] openQA test fails in check_after_boot: vg_cluster_md configured with lvmlockd fails to start after fence
aws-vpc-move-ip - defect making update of route table fail in case VM has multiple network interfaces
apache resource agent is not working when I set statusurl value
Patches for aws-vpc-move-ip agent to support multi routing tables are missing
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