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Peter Varkoly

Name Title
server:mail Email services
home:varkoly varkoly's Home Project
home:openschoolserver openschoolserver's Home Project
security Security tools
YaST:Head The Latest YaST Packages
server:ltsp LTSP
network Networking services and related tools
network:dhcp DHCP
home:varkoly:OSS-4-0 OSS-4-0
home:varkoly:xen-base-mini Minimal iso for xen-base-system
home:varkoly:common Some common packages for all my products.
home:varkoly:OSS-4-0:stable Stable OSS Project
home:varkoly:xen-base-mini:openLeap-42.3 xen-base-mini on openLeap-42.3
home:varkoly:OSS-4-0:stable-samba-4.8.9 Stable OSS Project with samba-4.8.9
home:varkoly:OSS-4-1 build project for OSS based on openSUSE Leap15
home:varkoly:OSS-4-1:leap15.1 build project for OSS based on openSUSE Leap15.1
home:varkoly:branches:server:mail Branch project for package postfix
home:varkoly:branches:OBS_Maintained:postfix Branch project for package postfix

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