Networking services and related tools

The project networking is intended for packages providing various networking services and related tools.

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Comments for network 9

Ryan Bach's avatar

ryanbach wrote over 1 year ago

Is this the place to request the inclusion of the brave browser?

Marcus Rueckert's avatar

darix wrote over 1 year ago

This would mean duplicating the whole chromium code

Ondřej Súkup's avatar

mimi_vx wrote over 1 year ago

And this is problem?

@ryanbach maybe network:chromium subproject or better new own network:brave

Erico Mendonca's avatar

emendonca wrote 16 days ago

Could someone add SLE 15 SP1/SP2 to this repository, please?

James McDonough's avatar

jmcdough wrote 15 days ago

Added SP1, but SP2 doesn't yet exist as a target

Olaf Hering's avatar

olh wrote 15 days ago

Only the latest service pack will be provided, as 'SLE_12' or 'SLE_15'.