Networking services and related tools

The project networking is intended for packages providing various networking services and related tools.

repository SLE_15 is for the latest service pack in SLE15.
repository SLE_12 is for the latest service pack in SLE12.

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This comment has been deleted

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This would mean duplicating the whole chromium code

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And this is problem?

@ryanbach maybe network:chromium subproject or better new own network:brave

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Could these packages be added as links here? The package "frr" needs them:

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What variant of json-c and libyang is required by frr? The specfile is not very specific about that. Both libs are already in the base distro.

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may I please get a new project 'network:otobo' , a fork of otrs for the community. otrs 6 is EOL and no new version for community available in the near future.

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I am not sure the network project is the right home for high-level applications like this. I see that there are some of them packaged here (including OTRS) but IMO the purpose of the network project is to be a home for low-level networking tools and services rather than web applications that use networking rather than implementing some part of it.

Better candidates for hosting such web applications might be in the "Applications" or "server" hierarchies, but I see that there is also some unclear overlap between "network" and "server", so maybe we should define their scopes more clearly and then move packages to match that.

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then I would vote for Application:ITS:otobo (ITS: Issue-Tracking-System)

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Sounds good to me, but I don't have the power to make it happen.

[update] But maybe Application:IssueTracker:otobo would be a more talking name. I woudn't have known immediately what ITS means.

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We should enable a Leap 15.3 build target.

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How about adding Leap 15.4?

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Isn't it already there?

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Although it could be renamed to openSUSE_Leap_15.4 for clarity.

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I would like that too. But I don't burn my fingers on it anymore. Supposedly there was a vote that the new repos should only be 15.4. If that is desired someone else can do the renaming or it should be discussed where else.

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yes the 15.4 is intentional (see the common codestream name survery post on factory from previous year).

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Can someone please update sstp-client and NetworkManager-sstp. Packages in the reprository do not work with latest ppp provided.

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Can someone enable Leap 15.6, please?

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Can someone enable RISC-V, please?

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