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Involved Projects and Packages
Apache:Modules / apache2-mod_rivet Maintainer Bugowner

Apache2 module to use TCL script language.
- Servelets: include tcl scripts in html documents
- CGI-like: html page generator

Base:System / sysconfig Maintainer

This package provides the SUSE system configuration scheme for the
traditional "ifup" alias "netcontrol" network scripts.

Olaf Kirch
Bjoern Jacke
Mads Martin Joergensen
Peter Poeml
Arvin Schnell
Michal Svec
Christian Zoz
Werner Fink
Hannes Reinecke
Marius Tomaschewski

CrossToolchain:avr Maintainer

Install avr-example.rpm to get all required packages automatically resolved.

devel:languages:perl / perl-DBD-Pg Maintainer Bugowner

DBD::Pg is a Perl module that works with the DBI module to provide access to PostgreSQL databases.

devel:languages:tcl Maintainer

This project provides the Tcl programming language and various extensions to it.

devel:languages:tcl / bwidget Maintainer Bugowner

Add useful and nice-looking widgets to your interfaces with the BWidget
Toolkit, a set of native Tk 8.x Widgets using Tcl8.x namespaces. The
BWidgets have a professional look and feel as in other well-known
toolkits (Tix or Incr Widget). However, the concept is radically
different because everything is native. There is no platform
compilation and no compiled extension libraries are needed. The code is
in pure Tcl/Tk.

devel:languages:tcl / expect Maintainer Bugowner

Expect is a tool primarily for automating interactive applications,
such as telnet, ftp, passwd, fsck, rlogin, tip, and more. Expect
really makes this stuff trivial. Expect is also useful for testing
these applications. It is described in many books, articles, papers,
and FAQs. There is an entire book on it available from O'Reilly.

devel:languages:tcl / ffidl Maintainer Bugowner

Ffidl allows you to define Tcl/Tk extensions with pure Tcl wrappers
calling any shared library installed on your system, including the Tcl
and Tk core libraries.

devel:languages:tcl / frink Maintainer Bugowner

Frink is a Tcl formatting and static check program. It can prettify
your program, and minimize, obfuscate, or sanity check it. It can also
do some rewriting.

See /usr/share/doc/packages/frink/README and the output of "frink -h"
for details.

devel:languages:tcl / itk Maintainer Bugowner

Incr Tcl adds object-oriented programming facilities to Tcl. It was
NOT designed as another whiz-bang, object-oriented programming
language. It is patterned somewhat after C++. It was designed to
support more structured programming in Tcl. Scripts that grow beyond a
few thousand lines become extremely difficult to maintain. [incr Tcl]
attacks this problem in the same way that any object- oriented
programming language would, by providing mechanisms for data
encapsulation behind well-defined interfaces.

devel:languages:tcl / iwidgets Maintainer Bugowner

[incr Widgets] is an object-oriented mega-widget set that extends
Tcl/Tk and is based on [incr Tcl] and [incr Tk]. This set of
mega-widgets delivers many new, general purpose widgets like option
menus, comboboxes, selection boxes, and various dialogs whose
counterparts are found in Motif and Windows. Since [incr Widgets] is
based on the [incr Tk] extension, the Tk framework of configuration
options, widget commands, and default bindings is maintained. In other
words, each [incr Widgets] mega-widget seamlessly blends with the
standard Tk widgets. They look, act, and feel like Tk widgets. In
addition, all [incr Widgets] mega-widgets are object oriented and may
themselves be extended, using either inheritance or composition.

devel:languages:tcl / snack Maintainer Bugowner

This package will be submitted to openSUSE:Factory soon. All changes for the Factory package should get tested here first.

devel:languages:tcl / tcl Maintainer Bugowner

Tcl (Tool Command Language) is a very powerful but easy to learn
dynamic programming language, suitable for a very wide range of uses,
including web and desktop applications, networking, administration,
testing and many more. Open source and business-friendly, Tcl is a
mature yet evolving language that is truly cross platform, easily
deployed and highly extensible.

For more information on Tcl see and .

devel:languages:tcl / tcl-inotify Maintainer Bugowner
devel:languages:tcl / tcllib Maintainer Bugowner

This package is intended to be a collection of Tcl packages that
provide utility functions useful to a large collection of Tcl

devel:languages:tcl / tclplug Maintainer Bugowner

With this plug-in, download special Tcl/Tk scripts (also known as
tclets) from the Internet and execute them inside your browser like
Java applets.

Find the documentation in /opt/netscape/tclplug/2.0/doc.

devel:languages:tcl / tcludp Maintainer Bugowner

This package makes the UDP protocol available for Tcl interpreters. It
allows access to message-oriented UDP through stream-oriented Tcl

devel:languages:tcl / tclx Maintainer Bugowner

Extended Tcl is a superset of standard Tcl. Extended Tcl has three
basic functional areas: A set of new commands, a Tcl shell (a Unix
shell-style command line and interactive environment), and a
user-extensible library of useful Tcl procedures, any of which can be
automatically loaded on the first attempt to execute it.

In addition, a detailed help system is available for Tcl/Tk: tclhelp.

devel:languages:tcl / tdom Maintainer Bugowner

tDOM combines high performance XML data processing with easy and
powerful Tcl scripting functionality. tDOM should be one of the fastest
ways to manipulate XML with a scripting language and uses very few
memory: for example, the DOM tree of the XML recommendation in XML
(160K) needs only about 450K of memory.

devel:languages:tcl / tix Maintainer Bugowner

The Tix library has, by far, the greatest collection of widgets for
programming with Tcl/Tk. Highlights include: hierarchical list box,
directory list/tree view, spreadsheet, tabular list box, combo box,
Motif style file select box, MS Windows style file select box, paned
window, note book, spin control widget and many more. With these new
widgets, your applications will look great and interact with your users
in intuitive ways.

devel:languages:tcl / tk Maintainer Bugowner

This package will be submitted to openSUSE:Factory soon. All changes for the Factory package should get tested here first.

devel:languages:tcl / tkimg Maintainer Bugowner

This package contains a collection of image format handlers for the Tk
photo image type, and a new image type, pixmaps.

The provided format handlers include bmp, gif, ico, jpeg, pcx, png,
ppm, ps, sgi, sun, tga, tiff, xbm, and xpm.

TkInfo is a tk script to read GNU "info" files and display them. TkInfo
can be used stand-alone (via WISH) or embedded within an application to
provide integrated, online help.

devel:languages:tcl / tktable Maintainer Bugowner

The basic features of the widgets are:

* multi-line cells

* support for embedded windows (one per cell)

* row & column spanning

* variable width/height columns/rows (interactively re-sizable)

* row and column titles

* multiple data sources ((Tcl array || Tcl command) &| internal

* supports standard Tk reliefs, fonts, colors, etc.

* x/y scrollbar support

* 'tag' styles per row, column or cell to change visual appearance

* in-cell editing - returns value back to data source

* support for disabled (read-only) tables or cells (via tags)

* multiple selection modes, with "active" cell

* multiple drawing modes to get optimal performance for larger

* optional 'flashes' when things update

* cell validation support

* works everywhere Tk does (including Windows and Mac!)

* unicode support (Tk8.1+)

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