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Crosscompiling Toolchain for ATMEL AVR microcontrollers

Install avr-example.rpm to get all required packages automatically resolved.

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Comments for CrossToolchain:avr 3

Michal Suchanek

michals wrote about 1 year ago


can you build the packages for all supported architectures?

I suppose ppc has very few users in practice but aarch64 might be useful.

There is not go for armv7 so the arduino-builder will not build there, unfortunately.

Klaus Kämpf

kwk wrote about 1 year ago

Enabled ppc64le and aarch64 for Leap15 and Tumbleweed

Michal Suchanek

michals wrote about 1 year ago

You probably need some arch-specific projects for the packages to be resolvable.

The config of home:michals:arduino might be useful for reference.