Update for dos2unix.openSUSE_13.1_Update recommended moderate

Recommended update for dos2unix

This recommended update for dos2unix provides version 7.2.2 and fixes the following issues:
- Fix: Fixed symlink support on FreeBSD.
- Fix: Skip GB18030 test on FreeBSD.
- Fix: When conversion of an UTF-16 file with binary symbols was forced, null characters were not written in the output.
- Fix: Check UTF-16 input for invalid surrogate pairs.
- Fix: Skip the GB18030 tests when the system does not support the Chinese locale with GB18030 character encoding.
- Fix: Small corrections in the manual in section GB18030 and OPTIONS -m.
- New: Japanese translation of the UI messages.
- New: Support Chinese GB18030 locale.
- Change: On Unix/Linux convert UTF-16 to the locale encoding. It is no longer required that the locale encoding is UTF-8.

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