Creation of package for the open Navigation packages from.

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This project contains the last known stable from OpenCPN (current is 4.6) use meta package
OpenCPN-4.x .
It will install, the base for 4.6 and all available plugins (see detailed list in package description)

The legacy version 4.0.0 and 4.2 are still available, would you need it (not advised) in the Legacy-4.0 and 4.4 sub-package.

Beta tester, please please use my home repo project (home:dominig:opencpn:sandbox)
Devlopers, you will find a build of the day from git masters in my head project (home:dominig:opencpn:head)

Many thanks to Brendan ( and Steffen (home:steffenp) who created the initial rpm packages and Pavel (nohal for tweaking most of the plugin to work as independent packages.

-- Dominig

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