Creation of package for the open Navigation packages from.

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This project contains the last known stable from OpenCPN (current is 4.6) use meta package
OpenCPN-4.x .
It will install, the base for 4.6 and all available plugins (see detailed list in package description)

The legacy version 4.0.0 and 4.2 are still available, would you need it (not advised) in the Legacy-4.0 and 4.4 sub-package.

Beta tester, please please use my home repo project (home:dominig:opencpn:sandbox)
Devlopers, you will find a build of the day from git masters in my head project (home:dominig:opencpn:head)

Many thanks to Brendan ( and Steffen (home:steffenp) who created the initial rpm packages and Pavel (nohal for tweaking most of the plugin to work as independent packages.

-- Dominig

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drawson1 wrote over 1 year ago

If I select the OpenCPN-4.x meta-package, I get a missing dependency for OpenCPN-ofc_pi . . . . I can select the "Base" package + all the available individual plugins and it installs correctly (on Leap 15.0 with current updates . . . .). Thanks!


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justus_d wrote 7 months ago

My comment refers to the repo GEO and to the chart plotter OpenCPN, that is accessible on the repo in the version 5.0.x. There are also the plugin packages gradar and gxradar and BR24radar. According to the developer’s page in the Cruiser Forum these three plugins are no longer compatible with OpenCPN 5.0.x. When I start the plugins gradar or gxradar from the repo with OpenCPN 5.0.x the program freezes and has to be killed. Without these radar plugins the normal functions are available. These three radar plugins have been replaced in 5.0.x by one single plugin called radar_pi. The plugin radar_pi in the repo GEO however does something different, it displays AIS targets in a radar like manner. Because all the programs in the repo are offered with 5.0.x and cannot work together, I would like to ask, if you are going to offer in the repo the new plugin “radar-pi. In github there is a page

In the manual of openCPN this is stated: Note: Radar PI replaces GRradar, GXRadar, and Navico Radar plugins for OpenCPN ver 5.0 and up. This plugin overlays the radar picture on OpenCPN. A versatile plugin that can be easily adapted to most broadband radars.  radar_pi - Radar Plugin for OpenCPN This is a work in progress. It will support Navico Broadband and Halo radars as well as Garmin xHD and possibly others. It is meant as the community effort to only write the common parts of radar support once.