System V init semantics as a substitute/drop-in for distributions that were originally built using sytemd

This project aims to provide a set of packages providing the traditional sysv init semantics that act as a drop-in replacement for systemd for those who appreciate the modularity, transparency, clarity and cleanliness of sysv init.

If you wish to use sysvinit, please install the package "sysv-transition" (FIXME: not there yet) for the preparation of the transition from systemd to sysvinit, while systemd is still present in the system.

The installation of the package "meta-install-sysvinit" (FIXME: not there yet!) using zypper will offer you the choice to deinstall systemd and dependent packages and install sysvinit plus additionals, as it has RPM tags defined that conflict with systemd (and depending packages).

This project is VERY open to contributions of all kind!

Please know that this is NOT a contra-systemd project. It is a PRO sysvinit project, and the use of its packages is encouraged for those who want the architecture of a System V init based startup subsystem in their operating system of choice.
For the time being, this project will be concentrating on the openSUSE-13.1 codebase, but older distributions may function with these packages just fine.
The initial aim is to make a system bootable with what it needs for basic functionality. Further glue will need to include cryptsetup, udev, dbus and everything else of what is needed for a desktop system, but this will come as it's ready. See the READINESS section!
As usual: Your mileage may vary, use at your own risk!


project started, not ready. Base package grid present, sysvinit package builds.

* package completeness (gettys, initrd material, network setup)
* collect and implement needed items for script from package sysv-transition that shall run while systemd is still there.
* also: coordinate how packages are going to be handled that have no sysvinit script any longer, build dependent or init script removed.
* Obsoletes, Requires, Recommends tags in package meta-install-sysvinit
* initrd (check?)
* cryptsetup (check?)
* network setup, ifup for the time being.

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