Kernel driver KMPs/kmods for OTC functions

This repository contains a collection of kernel drivers that for public images in the Open Telekom Cloud.
- Optimimized XEN drivers (xen_uvp -- these are only recommended for specific images/flavors)
- ixgbevf-2.16 (recommended version for i82599 VF SR-IOV networking on h1 flavor)
- scsi_ep_front (Huawei SD100 virtual SCSI to cinder driver for BMS flavors)
- toa (Unsupported: Parse TCP option header to extract real sender IP behind load balancer)

This repository may contain subrepos to create kernel headers with the right kABI version (RHEL7 has broken networking modules from 7.2 to 7.3 and agin with 7.4 and with 7.5, so we need multiple of them).

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