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Comments for Cloud:Seafile (4)

Darin Perusich deadpoint wrote about 1 year ago

Could you enable SLE-12 and Leap?

Oliver Schmidt spiollinux wrote 7 months ago

Sorry, I couldn't find another way to report a bug: The seafile client doesn't work on a recent Leap 42.1: Steps to reproduce:

  1. Install seafile-client from this repository
  2. Start seafile-applet for the first time (with a fresh configuration)

Expected behaviour:

After the first-start wizard, the main window of the client shall appear

Actual behaviour:

The first start wizard launches and lets me choose the base directory. After clicking on "Next", the wizard disappears and nothing else happens anymore. On further starts of the seafile-applet, no window appears, no systray-icon can be found.

Another interesting observation:

running seafile-applet --help gives a Segmentation Fault (Speicherzugriffsfehler)

Do you have any idea what's wrong? Which further information can I provide?

Anton Gribovskiy Gribs wrote 7 months ago

Please update software version.

Pierre Bonamy flyos wrote 6 months ago


The just recently released 5.1.2 client version contains a critical bug fix for KDE (and other DEs?). An update of the client would be very helpful for a lot of people. I can branch packages to do it on my home if your time is limited.