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SUSE Documentation Tools

  All tools from SUSE Documentation Team, used for building the contents in project Documentation
Incomplete list of packages maintained here:
* calibre
* daps
* suse-xsl-stylesheets
* jxgrabkey
* sikuli, sikuli-x
* tesseract-ocr

Odd dependencies:
* perl-Drupal-Rest needs: devel:languages:perl/perl-Test-CheckManifest

Comments for Documentation:Tools (8)

Eric Schirra ecsos wrote about 1 year ago

Can someone please add the UpdateRepos in RepoConfig for 13.2, Leap 21.1 und 42.2 so many packages, like calibre, can build?

Cor Blom cornelisbb wrote about 1 year ago

I would also like to see calibre build for Leap (and calibre needs the update repos) but there is another issue: it also builds against devel:languages:python3, which has an updated python-sip but not an updated python-qt5, which causes the unresolvable. I tried to get python-qt5 to that project, but is was declined. Can someone look into that please? Thanks.

Eric Schirra ecsos wrote 12 months ago

Hi, why no answer? Why not insert update repos?

Frank Sundermeyer fsundermeyer wrote 11 months ago

Added the requested update repositories and removed the extra repos (they should not have been there anyway).

Eric Schirra ecsos wrote 11 months ago

Thank you. Now calibre was build. :-)

Chema Ollés pepetops wrote about 2 months ago

I'm sorry. I use TW and the last 2 weeks when I zypper dup my system I see calibre's updates very frequently... Can I know that it requires so many updates? Thanks

Cor Blom cornelisbb wrote about 2 months ago

The dependencies of calibre are very strict, so when there is a change in the qt5 and python-qt5 libraries, it will be rebuild. Those libraries were updated during the last couple of weeks. Besides this, calibre is released very often and ecsos is doing a great job of keeping it uptodate.

Chema Ollés pepetops wrote about 2 months ago

Thanks very much for the answer