GNOME Applications

This project contains the latest version of various GNOME applications. It can be used on stable versions of openSUSE to get newer versions of packages, but it has to be noted that the main aim of this project is to create package for Factory.

If you're interested in maintainership of this project, feel free to send a mail to

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luc14n0 wrote 16 days ago

Anyone knows why do we use project="openSUSE:Factory" repository="snapshot" for openSUSE_Factory?

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luc14n0 wrote 16 days ago

Both G:Factory and G:Next are using repository=standard.

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dimstar_suse wrote 16 days ago

G:Apps is more 'accepted' to be used by users, so we build against published Tumbleweed (higher chance to be installable packages);

the repo name was set before the openSUSE_Tumbleweed became defacto standard and it was never renamed (as this would mean users would have to chase their repo list)

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luc14n0 wrote 15 days ago

Ah, that makes sense. It confirmed my suspicions.

Yeah, I guessed the naming was of a historical reason. Thanks for the confirmation.

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