NEXT version of GNOME (unstable)

Where the regular development snapshots of the GNOME project are being published. Bear in mind it can get quite unstable at times and even render systems to a unusable state, so if you don't use Snapper you have to at least know basic troubleshooting/recovery techniques.

In order to make use of this project, the user MUST have Tumbleweed repositories enabled (and/or openSUSE:Factory ones, if you know what you're doing); this is the only semi-tested and semi-supported solution.
Note that having any "stable" release repos (like openSUSE Leap) is NOT supported, and will break your system and harm some random kitten.

If you encounter issues, please contact the gnome-team on #opensuse-gnome on

Not unlikely, you will be asked to open an issue on or file a bug at (preferably with upstream directly).


If you want to use this repo, please make sure that you do zypper dup --from GNOME:Next (or whatever name you elected to the repo), to ensure that you pull in everything that is needed from here.

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