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Devel project of Java packages for openSUSE:Factory

The packages here are used for publishing to openSUSE:Factory.
They are also used for curious user to test latest and greatest features available in the OpenJDK world.

Comments for Java:Factory (3)

Ryan Bach ryanbach wrote 3 months ago


Here is a spec file from Fedora: https://github.com/gferon/openjfx-fedora

It is needed for a runescape .jar launcher.

Ryan Bach ryanbach wrote 2 months ago

Can't get autogen.sh to run, this should build then. Any help?


Ryan Bach ryanbach wrote 2 months ago

[ 59s] ./configure: line 17745: -g: command not found [ 59s] ./configure: line 17751: syntax error near unexpected token error' [ 59s] ./configure: line 17751:GNOME_COMPILE_WARNINGS(error)' [ 59s] error: Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.4ycrph (%prep)

What do I need now?