Devel project of Java packages for openSUSE:Factory

The packages here are used for publishing to openSUSE:Factory.
They are also used for curious user to test latest and greatest features available in the OpenJDK world.

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gilbertoca wrote 15 days ago

Fridrick (@fstrba), would you mind take a look at this issue[1] in the AdoptOpenJDK [2]? For some reason the update-alternatives doesn't work for AdoptOpenJDK packages. They are installed, but not take its place in update-alternatives setup. I could not help much in that issue, just reported it. Quotting Andreas:

I checked the SRPMs of OpenSUSE, both for OpenJDK 8 and 11. They both configure pack200 as a slave of javac. From my point of view, this is wrong. I wouldn't care and change our packages if pack200 wasn't part of the JRE. And I'm not alone, Amazon does the same:

How to proceed…. Please open a bug with OpenSUSE and post a link here. I'll reconsider if they have good reasons for what they're doing.

It (integration) can make the exposure of openSUSE even better.

Regards, Gilberto

[1] [alternative [ jrunscript | pack200 ] can't be slave of java: it is a slave of javac] [2]