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Comments for KDE:Applications (10)

Robby Engelmann robby81 wrote 11 months ago

Hello, I found some applications still are at an old version. I would espec. like to see marble at 15.12. but it is still 15.08. Are there any built problems? Or got marble simply forgotten to be released. Sources seemed to be at version 15.12.

Kevin Ottens ervin wrote 11 months ago

Any reason why there's only x86_64 build for Leap 42.1? Also, why no Tumbleweed repository? Alternatively why isn't 15.12 available to Tumbleweed yet?

Running Tumbleweed right now and would benefit greatly from a 15.12 upgrade.

Thanks in advance for anyone giving me some insight.

Jos Poortvliet jospoortvliet wrote 11 months ago

See my coment below, it is work in progress. Help resolving build errors is welcome.

Robby Engelmann robby81 wrote 11 months ago

snapshot 160107 contained 15.12 only partly, pim and a lot more is still 15.08. Is there a specific reason for that? when can we expect 15.12 in TW?

Jos Poortvliet jospoortvliet wrote 11 months ago

There were some build errors, 15.12.1 is now building so I guess we will get the missing packages once the .1 is done building and has made its way through openQA.

Note that often, the openSUSE KDE team hangs in the IRC channel of the same name (#opensuse-kde on freenode) and it is easiest to reach there.

Robby Engelmann robby81 wrote 8 months ago

will the new ktp-call-ui packaged soon?

Robby Engelmann robby81 wrote 8 months ago


Wolfgang Bauer wolfi323 wrote 4 months ago

Should we start building against KDE:Frameworks5 for Leap 42.1?

KDEPIM 16.08 e.g. requires a later KDE Frameworks than is in 42.1 (and Qt 5.6), and it would also fix the build failures caused by the missing %{_kf5_appstreamdir} macro. Also, akonadi is incompatible with KDE:Frameworks5 on 42.1 currently because of the different Qt5 versions.

Wolfgang Bauer wolfi323 wrote 3 months ago

As there hasn't been any reply here and it also affects users, I decided to take this question to the opensuse-kde mailinglist: http://lists.opensuse.org/opensuse-kde/2016-08/msg00101.html

So feel free to reply there. Thanks.