Additional packages maintained by the KDE team

The KDE:Extra repository contains additional packages maintained by the KDE team that are not part of KDE Applications, Frameworks or Plasma. It is made available using the Yast Community repositories list. It contains only stable versions of software.

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cgiboudeaux wrote 9 months ago

@christiantrippe Are you still willing to co-maintain this repository (see: )

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christiantrippe wrote 9 months ago

@cgiboudeaux I haven`t really been active the last years. And you and all the other are actually much faster and very much more knowledgeable in packaging then I am. And I probably won't be a very active maintainer also in the future. But I am happy to stay as a co-maintainer, but I think you also have every right to remove me. What ever you think is best for the governance of the repo.

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