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The development branch for LibreOffice packages

The packages here are used for publishing to openSUSE:Factory.
They are also used for curious user to test latest and greatest features available in the office suite.

There is also counterpart LibreOffice:Unstable project which is just used for testing alpha releases of next major update.

Comments for LibreOffice:Factory (3)

Atri Bhattacharya badshah400 wrote over 2 years ago

Sorry if there might be a better way to report this, but I guess bug reports at bnc are only against 'official' packages for openSUSE 13.1. Thus, reporting here.

The libreoffice help package (e.g. libreoffice-help-en-US in LibreOffice:Stable) seems to be missing, and clicking on Help from LO 4.2.x opens the web-browser and takes me to the online LO help website, which isn't accessible if I am working without a network. I reverted back to using 4.1.x to be able to access the offline help (as well as the really nice help browser, which does not seem to be available with 4.2.x, either). I am reporting here hoping, really, that the LO-help package might be added back here, so that one can have access to the nice offline help again. Thanks a ton for the consideration, and for LO 4.2.x (both developing and packaging)!

Petr Mladek pmladek wrote over 2 years ago

Please, report this bug into bugzilla. LibreOffice:Factory project includes packages that will be used in the next openSUSE release. We want to fix bugs before the release, so it is perfectly fine to track them in bugzilla.

Serg Opensuse user openSUSE_user1 wrote almost 2 years ago

The Libreoffice OBS gpg sign key expires in 2 days.