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Printing System Development Project

The "Printing" project is the development project
for packages which provide the base-functionality
of the printing system.

Such packages are in particular print spoolers
like CUPS or LPRng, print filters
(e.g. foomatic-filters or lpdfilter),
printer drivers like HPLIP or Gutenprint,
printer driver related software like Ghostscript
or PPD files (e.g. OpenPrintingPPDs), and other
software which directly belongs to the base
printing system like special backends
for CUPS (e.g. cups-pdf).

In contrast software which does not directly
belong to the base printing system like
user frontends (e.g. printer setup tools,
printing dialog GUIs, or other printing
related GUIs) or applications with a major
focus on printing (e.g. LaTeX or Scribus)
do usually not belong to the "Printing" project.

Of course only really free software can be
accepted in the "Printing" project.
In particular printer driver software which
is not 100% free software cannot be accepted
regardless how nice it would be when this
or that awkward printer model would work.
We will not risk any legal issue for openSUSE
and its users and contributors when software where
the legal state is not clear would be accepted.

The "Printing" project may contain new, upcoming
software. Therefore the packages in the "Printing"
project might neither be in a stable state nor fit
well into currently installed systems.
Have this in mind if you think about to install
packages from the "Printing" project into your
currently running system.
Do not use "Factory" if your system is
not "Factory". Use the matching packages
for your particular system.
The packages in the "Printing" project are
only for testing, without any guarantee
or warranty, and without any support.
As an extreme example, this means if your
complete computer center crashes because
of those packages, it is only your problem.
On the other hand this does not mean that those
packages are known to be terrible broken but
they are not thoroughly tested so that any
unexpected issue can happen.

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