This project is where work on new versions for packages related to containers, like docker, runc, etc. is being done. This project contains the packages as well as the runtime dependencies. Thus, feel free to add this repo to your box and install the packages you are interested in.

Some build time dependencies are on other projects that we use on "build time", like go packages. If you are interested on knowing where each build dependency comes from, use "osc buildinfo".

Some packages here are automatically submitted to openSUSE:Factory.

Feel free to fork the packages here and send submit requests with patches/updates.

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Predrag Ivanović's avatar

Would you add conmon here? Podman-3.2.0 requires 2.0.24+, and Leap/SLE ship 2.0.20 at the moment.

Aleksa Sarai's avatar

I can add a link, but podman is developed in devel:kubic. I'm not entirely sure why we still have a link here.

Predrag Ivanović's avatar

I've been using this repo for a while now, I like that it contains, amongst other things, a subset of packages from devel:kubic that I am interested in :) But, if you prefer to keep podman at devel:kubic, and not link it here, I can switch to that one, instead.

Aleksa Sarai's avatar

I will make a package link, but the reason for pointing you to devel:kubic is that since the package is developed over there is certain to have the necessary dependencies for the podman/libpod/cri-o ecosystem because that's where the packages are developed.

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