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This project is where work on new versions for packages related to containers, like docker, runc, etc. is being done. This project contains the packages as well as the runtime dependencies. Thus, feel free to add this repo to your box and install the packages you are interested in.

Some build time dependencies are on other projects that we use on "build time", like go packages. If you are interested on knowing where each build dependency comes from, use "osc buildinfo".

Some packages here are automatically submitted to openSUSE:Factory.

Feel free to fork the packages here and send submit requests with patches/updates.

Comments for Virtualization:containers (6)

Michel Normand michel_mno wrote 8 months ago

Hi there, There are in this project some go packages that are duplicated from devel:languages:go project but not linked. What is the reason to keep them here ? If you keep them here what is the process to keep them up to date versus their last version from devel:languages:go ?

Jordi Massaguer jordimassaguerpla wrote 8 months ago

We need this packages here because we need to build them with go 1.5 and in devel:languages:go, we have go 1.6. I had my doubts on linking or copying them. I went for the second choice because I was afraid that the original packages may get incompatible with go 1.5 at some point of time. I also considered linking to a specific version, but I was afraid of getting "broken link" issues in the future.

Jordi Massaguer jordimassaguerpla wrote 8 months ago

Do you think we should rather use links and just fix them in the case there are troubles?

Michel Normand michel_mno wrote 8 months ago

I understand the current restriction to build those packages with go 1.5. But when you will have them validated with go 1.6 then probably good to use link.

Jordi Massaguer jordimassaguerpla wrote 8 months ago

ok. We'll do. Just an update, I've replaced those packages with the ones in Leap, just to have it on a known state, and from there we can replace them with links once we are using go-1.6.

thanks for your comments.

Jordi Massaguer jordimassaguerpla wrote 6 months ago

We are using go-1.6 now.