Pantheon Forking Repository

This project is a fork of Pantheon to avoid depending on GNOME with some patches, using the gsettings under org.opensuse.pantheon.wrap.gnome instead of org.gnome, etc.

The main aim of this project to get separate Gsettings schemas and apply some patches from elementary OS.

The project contains the following additional packages:
- pantheon-desktop (fork of gnome-desktop)
- pantheon-desktop-schemas (fork of gsettings-desktop-schemas)
- pantheon-mutter (fork of gnome-mutter)
- pantheon-session (fork of gnome-session)
- pantheon-settings-daemon (fork of gnome-settings-daemon)

These packages can coexist with the GNOME packages.

- pantheon-desktop DONE
- pantheon-desktop-schemas DONE
- pantheon-mutter DONE
- pantheon-session DONE
- pantheon-settings-daemon DONE
- switch to new dependencies DONE
- switch to new Gsettings schemas DONE
- make testing DONE

INFO: Status: Stable
INFO: Version: 5.x.x (elementary OS 5.x.x Hera)

NOTE: This project is a priority
NOTE: You need to switch system packages to the version in this repository

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