"master branch" project for SUSE Container as a Service Platform

This project is the entrypoint for:
* all packages (minus sle based container images) that have to go to the SUSE CaaS Platform product

Please submit all changes here, but beware:
* all relevant packages under https://github.com/kubic-project will be autosubmitted here when there is a change in git
* packages are e.g.:
- velum
- kubernetes-salt
- caasp-container-manifests
- caasp-cli
- container-feeder
- supportutil-lugins-suse-caasp
* this means any change to these packages will be overwritten by the automation

* any change of a package here will be automatically
1. forwarded (via copypac) to the SUSE internal build service:
- Devel:CASP:Head:ControllerNode
2. submitted to the latest SUSE CaaS Platform product repository in the SUSE internal build service

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