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haircommander wrote

Hey team, it seems the gpg key has expired: / can someone extend it please?

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cyphar wrote

There isn't an option to extend the key as far as I can see (OBS auto-renews keys) and the relevant page says that the key expires in 2025:

Fingerprint 2472 d6d0 d2f6 6af8 7aba 8da3 4d64 3903 7506 0aa4

Key ID 4d64390375060aa4

Expires on 2025-02-14

Key Size 2048 bytes

Algorithm type rsa

Origin There is no origin for this key

It appears to be the same key for the Ubuntu repo -- I suspect the issue is that the repo hasn't been rebuilt since the key expiry was extended. You should be able to get the repo rebuilt if a new package build and release is triggered.

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usptwil wrote

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