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NOTE: This repo hasn't been deleted yet because deletion will apparently break many users. Please consider fetching Podman, Buildah and Skopeo from your distro's default repos (with cri-o likely being an exception). Podman, Buildah and Skopeo on this repo have not been updated in years now, so it's highly recommended you fetch them from elsewhere. If you can't find it anywhere else, you might have some luck with the `kubic:unstable` repo at .

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HI team

I would like to ask why there is no build for ppc64le on xUbuntu_20.04 and 20.10?



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I've attempted to enable it!

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@runlevel5 the ppc64le environment itself seems to not be setup correctly, so we just can't build any packages there. Last time I checked, there was some kernel issues and those were low on the priority list for the admins. So, there's not much we can do.

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This comment has been deleted

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I don't see any evidence that builds for Debian_10 have been did you discover this?

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Sorry, I wasn't specific enough (edited already), I was refering to the podman builds. These are marked as "disabled" and there are indeed no builds for podman 3.1 in the repository.

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Older distros are not receiving packages anymore (see

The support matrix grew too big to keep up with all the packaging work. Especially older distros are challenging (e.g., old kernels, old libraries, etc.).

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Any chance apparmor will be enabled at some point? From my understanding containers-common has a application upstream that outputs the required default apparmor profile.

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@sagrunert, @vrothberg Dan Walsh mentioned you both would be the right people to ask about apparmor. Could you PTAL and let me know what's to be done here?

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I don't see why not, we may just add libapparmor as (optional) dependency and add the corresponding build tag if available, right? :)

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In addition to apparmor buildtag, do I need to change anything in containers.conf . I see apparmor_profile = "container-default" in containers.conf. Does that need to be uncommented, or is that assumed by default, or anything else?

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I see that I have added the apparmor buildtag to podman build rules already. So, I'm guessing there's something else that we need to include?

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I assume we're talking about Podman. About which distribution are we talking?

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@DazEErR are you talking about any tool in particular? podman / buildah / cri-o? Also, any Ubuntu version in particular?

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Hi, well in particular running podman containers with AA enabled, and I'm personally using Ubuntu 20.04. If you mean which tool generates AppArmour profiles I was on about this: Warning not a dev only had a quick skim :)

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Podman on Ubuntu 20.04 builds with the apparmor tag. Can you please open an issue within the podman repository containing the requested outputs there? I think it would be better to track the issue there if there is some.

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Excuse my ignorance but I'm not that familiar with OBS. Where exactly should I open a bug report? EDIT: Never mind realised you meant containers/podman on GH.

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cri-o-runc is removed or included on the compile of the main package? because this last one is not on the repo.

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Is this project still active? Ubuntu 20.04 hasn't seen updates for half a year already.

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Hi, the cri-o parts and its dependencies are still active, but buildah and podman will likely not be updated here anymore because 22.04 LTS should be released in 2 months and it will have buildah by default.

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Do you consider providing updates for at least 18.04 and 20.04? These versions are still supported and having fresh container tools would be very helpful. Docker maintains its repo for these and other distributions. I wouldn't want to migrate to docker back because podman and buildah stopped receiving updates.

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Not sure if I missed it, but has podman 3.x been removed? This used to be the only place it was available for CentOS 7, and now I no longer see it here. Thanks!

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Buildah is broken on Debian 10... we are getting: buildah : Depends: crun (>= 100:0.18-3) but it is not going to be installed

The avaiable crun version is 100:0.18-2 ....

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I am using Ubuntu 22.04, and it appears the Release key file in the repo server itself is outdated compared to the one on file with Open Build Service here, I was getting errors due to the key expiring on 12/6/22 and so I just added the key from Open Build Service instead and now the errors went away.

When trying to refresh keys from the ubuntu keyserver and various others it told me there was no change to the key that had expired, but the one on the build service is the correct one, I guess it just hasn't gotten synced yet?

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