(WIP - USE WITH CAUTION) Podman and friends for Debian and Ubuntu

This repo contains Podman and related packages for Debian and Ubuntu but are actually built using Fedora's packaging sources along with debbuild macros https://github.com/debbuild/debbuild .

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Good day, I am experiencing an issue with an expired key while attempting to update. For more information and to view the discussion, please see the following link: https://github.com/containers/podman.io/issues/296. Thank you for your time and attention.

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just got back from vacation. let me know if you're still facing any issues.

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Hi, I've noticed that the netavark for Ubuntu 22.04 remains at version 1.0.3, while all other packages are up to date. I really needed the dhcp feature that 1.0.6 provides and currently had to manually copy the binary. I'm hoping this project can make it latest so it can be done with package manager in the future with ease. Thank you for maintaining this project and hope you can take a look into this.

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Sorry about the late response. Let me see what I can do. Problem often is that ubuntu itself is lagging on many dependencies and it's infeasible to supply new versions of dependencies here to get the end packages built.

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How about upgrading to Go1.20.x or Go1.21 ?

Go1.18 isn't maintained anymore.

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sorry, not sure what you mean. I don't have any golang package here. If it's just a matter of bumping the build dependency, I can take a look. But if ubuntu/debian itself doesn't provide the required versions, then there won't be much I could do.

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Thanks for your efforts to provide an up-to-date Podman on Debian/Ubuntu. Unfortunately the build of some packages has been failing for a while. So the latest 4.7.x releases are missing.

Is it possible to get the build running again or is 4.6 the last version for now?

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Hello, I'm distracted by other things these days so it's hard for me to say when I can look into this. I welcome co-maintainers if anyone's interested.

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