R core components, supplements (like rkward), and CRAN packages

This Project contains the latest R-base package for OpenSUSE and SLE releases. It is a devel project, i.e. R-base is submitted to Factory.

The CRAN packages are build with the current released R.

You are invited to add further packages from R. You can use R2spec to generate spec files. If the package works somewhere you can submit it for inclusion in d:l:R:released.

Please: Don't include the 'R CMD check' section of the packages in the spec file. Extensive checking is done in CRAN. We had problems with circular dependencies when tests are included.

At the moment, please, don't split packages up, even if rpmlint complains. On the R side package dependencies don't know about the concept of devel packages, so it would become harder to track dependencies on both sides.

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Maikol Solis's avatar

Please rebuild all the packages against the new R 4.0 because all of them are throwing errors. Thanks,.

Detlef Steuer's avatar

Can you give an example? I used some of them today without any problem.

Maikol Solis's avatar

Sorry for the noise. It was a silly problem on my side. I could install the packages without problems.

However, I noticed that some are a little old (devtools, cubature, etc). I love this repo because I can use the R packages without compiling them myself.

Pierre Bonamy's avatar

Packages update are (for now) manually triggered. I updated cubature a bit ago (a package of mine use it) and will work on updating devtools (a lot of new dependencies though...).

Detlef Steuer's avatar

Btw: If you look in the build logs, you find everything got rebuild already after R-4.0.0 release. What package and what release gave you errors?

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