The Go Programming Language

This repository contains packages related to the Go programming language (designed by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike and Ken Thompson).

Go is an expressive, concurrent, garbage collected systems programming language that is type safe and memory safe. It has pointers but no pointer arithmetic. Go has fast builds, clean syntax, garbage collection, methods for any type, and run-time reflection. It feels like a dynamic language but has the speed and safety of a static language.

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Malcolm Lewis's avatar

malcolmlewis wrote almost 2 years ago

Hi, seems the repository key is about to expire, can it be updated, thanks :)


Graham Anderson's avatar

andtecheu wrote over 1 year ago

Hi Malcolm,

Posting for the sake of clarity for anyone who arrives here.

Looks like this issue is addressed already although I'm queasy about the key size:

devel:languages:go keys Size Algorithm ID Expires 1024 dsa af4cfe4d307d7bf9 2021-08-10

Fingerprint :

b619 e7e2 4d0e d061 fa14 343c af4c fe4d 307d 7bf9

fwiw I believe this can be achieved through the CLI client with args signkey --extend <project>

Kai Liu's avatar

kailiu wrote 10 months ago

Hi, why no SLE_12_SP5 repository for this project?

Eric Schirra's avatar

ecsos wrote 8 months ago

Hello, It exists no package maintainer for golang-packaging. Please accept the request It is now over 2 month old!

Mustafa Çalışkan's avatar

musfay wrote about 2 months ago

Can you maintain tinygo package on this repo. It is very convenient to use go with Arduino. Some distributions have this package.

Jeff Kowalczyk's avatar

jfkw wrote about 2 months ago

Yes, tinygo packaging could be developed in devel:languages:go. Packaging would need to build from source as per

Go proper has good support for cross compilation via GOOS and GOARCH. tinygo seems to have its own targeting system based on named supported devices. I presume tinygo will be useful if packaged for the current slate of arch targets, e.g. x86_64, armv7l, aarch64 etc. from which the developer can cross compile programs to device targets.

Mustafa Çalışkan's avatar

musfay wrote about 2 months ago

Also having drivers as a package would be great. The repo has go libraries provides support for various basic components and devices.

Christian Wittmer's avatar

computersalat wrote about 1 month ago

may we have a repo for SLES_12_SP5 please

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