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Haskell is a standardized purely functional programming language with non-strict semantics, named after the logician Haskell Curry. It is one of the more popular functional languages, and the lazy functional language on which the most research is being performed.

-- Paul Hudak, John Hughes, Simon Peyton Jones, Philip Wadler,
   "A History of Haskell: being lazy with class"

If you do not find a package in devel:languages:haskell that was here before it is because it has "bitrotted" and nobody cared to fix it for about a year. In that case I (Peter) move those packages to d:l:h:unmaintained. See there for instructions on how to resurrect a package.

Comments for devel:languages:haskell (6)

Peter Trommler ptrommler wrote 8 months ago


Stephan Kulow coolo wrote 6 months ago

https://build.opensuse.org/project/show/openSUSE:13.2 - the whole haskell stack is not bootstrapable

Peter Trommler ptrommler wrote 6 months ago

You need a binary ghc. The binary in Factory would do.

Peter Trommler ptrommler wrote 6 months ago

The workflow must have changed since 13.1, where bootstrap worked without any actions on my side. What can I do to help with the new workflow?

Ondřej Súkup mimi_vx wrote 28 days ago

ptrommler: please remove Thumbleweed or Factory target, it's same , only link one to other

Peter Trommler ptrommler wrote 28 days ago

I can't:
Failed to remove target 'openSUSE_Tumbleweed' Unable to delete repository; following repositories depend on this project:

Martin Pluskal pluskalm wrote 28 days ago

It should be possible to force removal, I will try to remember how.

Ondřej Súkup mimi_vx wrote 27 days ago

peter : please add factory-maintainers group to admins

Peter Trommler ptrommler wrote 27 days ago


Ondřej Súkup mimi_vx wrote 27 days ago

and now how to support SLE12? ... linkpac dblatex ? and enable to SLE12 ?

Peter Trommler ptrommler wrote 27 days ago

We could build without dblatex on SLE12 or try the linked package. dblatex is build requirement only. I'll take a look.

Ondřej Súkup mimi_vx wrote 27 days ago

i vote to remove dblatex ... is used only to generate PDF and PS docs ... which is better to use from upstream and not to generate in every build

Martin Pluskal pluskalm wrote 26 days ago

Sounds reasonable

Bastian Holst OculusAquilae wrote 20 days ago


I found it to be pretty complicated to maintain distribution packages of hackage packages. Mainly because of incompatabilities between certain versions of these packages. Stackage solves this problem for users who use it directly. Couldn't we use the versions from Stackage LTS for the packages in devel:languages:haskell?

Best regards


Ondřej Súkup mimi_vx wrote 20 days ago

new way of support haskell packages in openSUSE:Factory is i discussion

Bastian Holst OculusAquilae wrote 18 days ago


Scott Bahling sbahling wrote 18 days ago

There were some comments at https://build.opensuse.org/request/show/283889. I'm working on getting an opensuse-haskell mailing list set up so we can take the discussion there. Just waiting for the admin to set it up.