various programming languages

For niche dialects that don't require their own devel project yet.

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Jonathan Brielmaier's avatar

jbrielmaier wrote over 1 year ago

If no one steps up I will remove all RedHat and CentOS Repos as well as SLE11. Because they almost only have failed or unresolvable builds...

Daniel Ziltener's avatar

zilti wrote 10 months ago

It would also be good to add the more recent repositories. Like the newest RHEL, SLE and OpenSUSE Leap versions.

Jonathan Brielmaier's avatar

jbrielmaier wrote 8 months ago

I'm neither able to add it via Repositories nor via Meta. Seems like a bug to me or I don't have the permissions...

Xu Zhao's avatar

nuklly wrote about 2 months ago

Please add openSUSE_Leap_15.3 as the build target, thanks!

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