Backport builds of Python Modules

This project is building the Tumbleweed versions of python modules for older distributions. Submission should happen to the respective devel project for the Tumbleweed package instead.

The packages in here are automatically polled from OBS openSUSE:Factory repository and removed/added as they live there.

Script to generate the content:

Name Changed
Name From
python-aiocontextvars devel:languages:python:backports:fixups
python-cursive devel:languages:python:backports:fixups
python-dataclasses devel:languages:python:backports:fixups
python-pytest4 devel:languages:python:backports:fixups
python2-bcrypt devel:languages:python:backports:fixups
python2-cryptography devel:languages:python:backports:fixups
python2-cryptography-vectors devel:languages:python:backports:fixups
python2-more-itertools devel:languages:python:backports:fixups
python2-SQLAlchemy-Utils devel:languages:python:backports:fixups
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duwe wrote 10 months ago

Can you please enable aarch64 and ppc64le in 15.3 and 15.4?

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mcepl wrote 10 months ago


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