openSUSE MicroOS with systemd-boot

This is a fork of openSUSE MicroOS for x86_64 with systemd-boot instead of grub

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Hey there,

Today I tried to setup a regular OpenSUSE Tumbleweed installation with Systemd-boot. I followed the instructions here:

Even though it worked and I could boot using systemd-boot without issues and even snapshots working, I noticed that I lost the ability to use sudo, as the sudo file was owned by a user 65400 (or some similar id). This was not the case however and I didn't find a way to fix it. Also, when switching to the provided packages of this repository, 13 packages were downgraded. Is all of this expected behaviour? Is it possible to use this repo for systemd-boot functionality on Tumbleweed? Should any additional information be helpful, I'd be happy to provide them :)

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Found out that it's either systemd or udev causing this issue, without installing those packages from this repo, it's working fine - but no snapshots are shown in the boot menu. Installing one of those without the other is not possible, so I can't debug it any further using this method

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Sorry, I missed your comments in the flood of stuff I get from OBS :-( Yes, the repo works with both regular TW as well as MicroOS. I did not try it on a desktop system though. The packages will not automatically convert an existing system to use systemd-boot as that would risk rendering the system unbootable. So switching has to be manual.

The whole thing is quite in flux. Meanwhile I've created sdbootutil to aid with the setup (and it also handles the snapshot updates). Feel free to reach out by mail if you have further questions.

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Is there a reason kernel-install-openSUSE is disabled?

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