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Filesystem tools and FUSE-related packages

Filesystem tools and FUSE-related packages.

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Tim Serong tserong wrote about 1 year ago

I'm wondering if it's worth creating a filesystems:ceph subproject, then moving ceph, ceph-deploy and any other ceph-only dependencies there, instead of in the base filesystems project?

Pros: - People who only want Ceph can use the filesystems:ceph repo, and can ignore the ~100 other non-ceph packages in filesystems. - It seems somehow cleaner to me to have all the pieces of ceph, and possibly supporting packages in a separate subproject, rather than in the grab-bag of filesystems.

Cons: - ?

Comments? Complaints? A mailing list I should be taking this discussion to?

Jan Kara jankara wrote about 1 year ago

I'm fine with that as well.

Tim Serong tserong wrote about 1 year ago

OK, I've created filesystems:ceph, and also filesystems:ceph:Unstable (the latter being where we can track bleeding edge upstream). I've granted maintenance rights to everyone who's a maintainer of filesystems who's ever accepted any requests against ceph or ceph-deploy. Hopefully I got the right bunch of people. If I missed anyone who wants to be up for ceph maintainership, please sing out.

Yury Buldakov yukoff wrote 7 months ago

Hi guys, seems the project should have openSUSE:XX.X:Update on it's build path to rebuild kernel-dependent packages in case kernel gets updated, eg.