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The Ceph distributed storage system

Ceph is a distributed object store and file system designed to provide excellent performance, reliability and scalability. For more information see http://ceph.com/

For ceph on openSUSE, you should need only add this repo to install ceph and ceph-deploy.  All necessary dependencies should be present in the base distro.

For the Calamari management GUI, see systemsmanagement:calamari.

Comments for filesystems:ceph (3)

Tim Serong tserong wrote about 2 years ago

I've copypac'd ceph-deploy from filesystems to filesystems:ceph, as a start in populating this project. I was going to do the same thing with ceph itself, but realise that doing so means losing the OBS revision history for that package, i.e. all we'll end up seeing in osc log for filesystems:ceph/ceph will be something like "copypac from filesystems/ceph". Do we care if we lose this history?

David Sterba dsterba wrote about 2 years ago

I'd say it's ok to drop the history. The .changes file covers the changes well, what could be lost are the added/removed files that are not in the tarballs. From past experience in other packages, the history is not needed most of the time.

David Disseldorp dmdiss wrote about 2 years ago

I'm fine with dropping the OBS history too.