PsPdfTool - Tool for prepress preparation of PDF and PostScript documents.

Purpose of this tool is to provide universal tool for prepress preparation of document. Document has to be in PostScript or PDF format as name of the software sugests. But if you've got document in any of these two formats, you can do quite a lot with PsPdfTool.

Everybody sometimes need to concatenate several documents. PsPdfTool can do it for you. You can for example concatenate several documents without need to have original document (for example TeX source). Other thing an ordinary user may want is to put several document pages on one physical paper for example for printing booklets or just for preview. Some manipulations are supported as well, like resizeing, moving things around or croping. And much more... And everything can be done from command line so you can even use PsPdfTool inside some scripts to do really complicated tasks for you.

Purpose of this repository is to provide binary packages only for PsPdfTool so it wouldn't be too confusing for end users.

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