FenixNBK's Home Project

My goal is to provide packages for openSUSE and eventually integrate those into the OS itself (into openSUSE Factory).

Many packages are available elsewhere, but for some reason are not packaged for openSUSE. I want to fix that.

Additionally I believe in cross-compiling concept, so I will build cross-distro packages. ( since openSUSE Build Service came that very long road, I can even dream about cross-platform compiling between different OSes... but that's just me and my dreams :) ... )

-Alexey Eromenko "Technologov"

Future packages:
-banner (complete)
-ipcalc (provided by some other, python version)
-VDE Virtual Distributed Ethernet
-sc - ncurses based spreadsheet
-KDE plugin: ISO Mount
-most (similar to "more" page viewer)
-tor (TOR union network)

(GUI applications)
-iperf + iperfQt (?)
-LPhoto from Linspire
-KDE KPaint (?) - for historical reasons...
-Aptana (?)

-Firefox AppArmored profile (?) (currently can be enabled/disabled via RPM installation/removal or AppArmor Control Center)
-FireFox: Extensions/Add-ons convert to RPM packages (?)
-Open Source documentation
-Zimbra mail server (?)
-Wallpapers (from SUSE Linux 10.0, kde-look, ...)
-compat-gcc-34 (like Fedora)
-OpenLINA (?)
-Vyatta Router

Other's packages, that I hope to put into Factory:
-most of my packages
-iperf (from jimfunk) - I must copy this because it's a dependency for iperfQt.
-unionfs - both FUSE and kernel versions
-filelight (KDE3 app)

In Factory:
-htop (human-oriented top)

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