wsjt weak signal communications by John Taylor a.k.a. ham radio call K1JT

WSJT is a computer program for VHF/UHF communication using state of the art digital techniques. It can decode fraction-of-a-second signals reflected from ionized meteor trails, as well as steady signals more than 10 dB weaker than those required for conventional CW. One of its operating modes, JT65, is particularly optimized for amateur EME (Earth-Moon-Earth) communications. WSJT is open source software and is licensed under the GNU General Public License. It has an active development group: for details see

The initial rpm was built under openSuSE 11.0.

A usable build under 11.1. is currently imposible because of a grave bug in Python v.2.16, which makes function calls to python-numpy fail.

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