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XBMC - XBox Media Center

XBMC media center is a free cross-platform media-player jukebox and entertainment hub. XBMC is open source (GPL) software available for Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows operating-system, and the Xbox game-console. XBMC can play a very complete spectrum of of multimedia formats, and featuring playlist, audio visualizations, slideshow, and weather forecast functions, together with a multitude of third-party plugins. Originally developed as XBMP (XBox Media Player) for the first-generation Xbox game console in 2002, XBMC has eventually become a complete graphical user interface replacement for the original Xbox Dashboard, and it is currently also being ported to run natively under Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows operating-system. This, The XBMC Project is also known as "XBMC Media Center" or simply "XBMC").

XBMC is easy to install and use, it's very convenient and flexible plus offers a great price/performance ratio. XBMC is of course also completely free of any adware or spyware. (This, The XBMC Project is also known as "XBMC Media Center" or simply "XBMC").

Official XBMC software application names:

* XBMC for Linux
* XBMC for Mac
* XBMC for Windows
* XBMC for Xbox

Note! XBMC is a hobby project that is only developed by volunteers in their spare-time for free.

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