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Gujin on multiple distributions

This is a PC (ia32/amd64) bootloader which, like Lilo and unlike Grub, run
completly in ia32 real mode (easier to chain-boot other O.S. which expect
real-mode entry point, or chain-load El-Torito CD/DVDROM, reply natively
to unknown BIOS interrupts), but like Grub and unlike Lilo, understand
filesystems and can load kernel/initrd files by their filename, instead of
needing to be configured with the position/size of the file to load.
Moreover, unlike any other bootloader, Gujin is fully graphic (selection of
the kernel to boot with the mouse), and do not need any configuration because
it autodetects kernels in the filesystems it understands (FAT12/16/32,
EXT2/3/4, ISO9660).
Installing this package will not only install the Gujin installer named
"gujin", but also install Gujin in the file /boot/gujin.ebios, modifying
the MBR of the disk. If for whatever reason Gujin do not work for you,
you can uninstall it from the bootloader itself, and it will restore the
previously installed bootloader.
The installer can be used to initialise and make bootable floppy disks,
USB sticks or SD cards, and to query which bootloader is currently installed.
Removing this package will also replace the MBR with the one saved at
installation time, so your disk should remain bootable.
Note that because Gujin runs natively in real mode, two implementations (with
and without menu) can be run from DOS, see the man page. Unlike Grub4DOS, Gujin
enters the Linux kernel by the documented entry point.
This package do not need any external libraries, so can be compiled
indifferently on ia32 hosts or on amd64 hosts.

This project does not contain any packages

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