PeaZip is a cross platform, desktop neutral archiver utility.

Full support: 7Z, 7Z-sfx, ARC/WRC, BZ2/TBZ2, GZ/TGZ, PAQ/LPAQ, PEA, QUAD, split, TAR, UPX, ZIP.

Open, browse, extract, test: ACE, ARJ, CAB, CHM, COMPOUND (MSI, DOC, XLS, PPT), CPIO, ISO, Java (JAR, EAR, WAR), Linux (DEB, PET/PUP, RPM, SLP), LHA/LZH, NSIS, OOo, PAK/PK3/PK4, RAR, WIM, XPI, Z/TZ.

Other features: split/join files, wipe files (secure deletion), byte to byte compare files, checksum/hash files, system benchmark, generate random passwords/keyfiles.

PeaZip allows to: browse archives (with multiple inclusion and exclusion filters), extract multiple archives at once, save archive's layout, save job definition as command line (to be inspected, or used in scripts), save job log.
PeaZip installable packages integrates with environments such as GNOME and KDE; PeaZip portable/standalone packages doesn't need installation and can use from removable or remote paths.
32 bit packages can be installed on 64 bit Linux systems omitting architecture check (or use peazip_portable packages instead); backend binaries in PeaZip path can be replaced with respective 64 bit counterpart if available if desired.
PeaZip is developed using Lazarus/FreePascal which supports different multiple widgetsets (Win32, WinCE, fpGUI, Carbon, Qt, GTK1, GTK2); at the present level of development PeaZip for Linux is available precompiled for GTK1 and GTK2.

See FreeDesktop_integration folder for information and examples on customizing PeaZip's system integration.

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